What Game of Thrones Taught Me About Life

Did you succumb to the temptation of binge watching the leaked first four episodes of Season 5? Were you like an addict, sober for nearly a year and just went berserk again after the first taste? Though GoT’s addictive nature may have ruined some careers and relationships, it taught me much about life. [Potential spoilers! Read at your own cost!]

  1. Life isn’t fair
    • Believe that the good will overpower evil? Rooting for Arya Stark and Jon Snow, because they are oh so good, and to a much larger extent, Tyrion Lannister, because his heart is generally in the right place? In GoT (the TV show), no one is safe. They, like Ned Stark or many of the others who have perished, can also be put to the sword just as much as the rest. Though, many fans have argued that without Tyrion there is no show. Peter Dinklage has really carved his own path and kept the series grounded; so much that the producers are probably having second thoughts about killing him too soon.
    • Bottom line: life ain’t fair. You win, or you die – regardless of how good you are or have been.
  2. Power corrupts
    • Cersei Lannister may have already been a little bitchy in her pre-teen years as we see in Season’s premier flashback, but she only got worse with her increasing power. “Power is power”, she mused. And indeed, hard and fast power that gives you the ability to kill someone purely because you want to does something to mess up your mind. We see that downfall with Tywin Lannister, who, in order to procure and expand his power, goes as far as treating his children like pawns for trade, leading to such hatred that brings upon his own demise and death at the hands of kin.
    • Robb Stark – King of the North and delusional as hell, enough to break his vows AND walk into the territory of a vengeful man he slighted in the worse way. He truly believed in Guest Right and that he was King of the North to marry whomever he wants. Stupid, arrogant baby. The Red Wedding was awful but in hindsight, the Starks should have known better.
    • Some handle power better than others. Mance Rayder is a great example. King of the North side of the Wall and having united various warring clans, human or other, he maintains his cool and humility. He, I like.
  3. Family is key
    • Family is what holds people together. The Starks are the prime example. Prior to all the shenanigans in the later Seasons they were a loving, cohesive, model family. Though tensions underly the relationship between Catlyn and Jon, and bitter feelings occasionally surface due to Ned’s past infidelity, they are generally very loving and supportive to each other. The Lannisters, on the other hand, are also all about family. “Whoever isn’t us is the enemy”, Cersei famously taught Joffrey. Though the extremity and pathology of the Lannister’s extreme nepotistic thinking brings forth much chaos, they are, ultimately, about keeping the Lannister pack strong. Jamie shows undivided devotion to Cersei at the start (but it’s incest – gross!). Tyrion still works for his father despite the hurt harboured within him. Cersei, paranoid as she may be, loves her children and would give her life for them. Family – it’s what gels society together.

What about you? What have you learnt from the awesome GoT? And if you haven’t watched it – come join the dark side. 

Feature photo: HBO


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